Yes, Armenians celebrate Christmas on January 6th every year.

Most Armenians are Christians so they celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is also known as Christmas. The Armenian Apostolic Church follows the Julian Calendar, which is 13 days behind the Gregorian (Western) calendar. The Armenian Christmas falls on January 6th. Armenians have their own traditions for this holiday, but there are also some similarities to other countries, mainly in the way that enjoy a traditional meal together at the end of the day.

In Armenia, Christmas is a public holiday and in the country’s predominantly Christian society, this day is celebrated with special significance. Christians from many countries visit the capital Yerevan and other cities of Armenia during this time to pray at the historic churches and take part in religious celebrations. People also enjoy traditional Armenian dishes such as “khorovats” (a type of barbecue with pork) and “gata” (a meatless dish with a variety of vegetables).

Armenians also celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1st and people usually exchange gifts on that day. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people exchanging gifts through social media.